Drone X Pro Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying This Drone 1 Drone X Pro Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying This Drone

Drone X Pro Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying This Drone

Finding the right drone can be more challenging than you think, especially when the prices can fluctuate in the thousands.

Most people are highly uncomfortable spending that level of money on anything relating to a drone, let alone if they plan on performing some technical maneuvers.

However, one doesn’t want to buy a cheap piece of garbage and waste even a little money.

Enter Drone X Pro: the perfect middle-ground balance of features for initial cost.

About Drone X Pro

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Drone X Pro is tiny drone that took most of its inspiration of the last years best selling DJI Mavic Pro.

It is actually a really nice replica of the Mavic.

This drone is not as capable as its big brother but its very impressive for the the price they’re asking.

It comes with foldable arms which fold inwards making the drone easy to carry and well protected during your trip.

The flight time is 7-9 minutes which is excellent for its size.

The gravity sensor allows it to detect the ground and other possible obstacles so it can automatically change its course to avoid collision.

There are two cameras: a 0.3MP one and a 2MP 720p wide angle camera.

You are better of with the 720p one.

Trust me 🙂 The build quality of the Drone X Pro is pretty good.

The plastic being used is resistant and of high strength.

How the Drone X Pro Works

If you are familiar with the use of drones, operating the Drone X Pro becomes much more accessible.

If you are not familiar with using drones, you have nothing to worry.

This device is easy to use.

As with everything electrical there is a power button that you must switch on before you get any of its features.

This gadget comes with a remote in the form of a joystick that is useful for directional purposes.

That means you can guide the movement of the Drone and have great footage using the remote.

If you’re a smartphone user, it’s even better.

You can connect the Drone X Pro to your android device.

It will allow you to check the footage. You can easily make necessary adjustments by monitoring the movement of the device.

Drone X Pro comes with 2 options when it comes to cameras, the base model comes with 0.3MP one, you can upgrade it to 2MP 720p HD wide angle camera.

I recommend you go with the 2MP camera which is a lot better than 0.3MP.

Furthermore, it has a durable battery life that can last 7-9 minutes when suspended in the air.

It means you can use this gadget without having to worry about changing the battery often.

It also has a feature that makes it take off and land automatically.

Once you click the auto-power button, taking off and landing becomes automated.

However, if it clashes with something while it’s landing, there’s a sensor that controls the movement to prevent damage.

This sensor overturns any command you might have given the gadget earlier.

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What’s So Awesome About the Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro is a beautifully engineered aerial drone, its no wonder when it is modeled after the Mavic.

It brings to the consumer a vast array of killer features that make it more than worth its initial price tag.

However, what value does it give precisely?

  • Portability

The Drone X Pro is highly portable, measuring in at 27×19.5×5 centimetres with the wings extended, and 12.5×7.5×5 centimetres with the wings folded.

To provide a reference for laymen (or those who don’t walk around carrying a measuring tape while reading their drone reviews), it’s about the length of an iPhone Pro Max that had one too many pies in its thickness.

The Drone X Pro hits the sweet spot for portability because it’s basic enough to carry around but doesn’t get buffeted by the wind too easily.

It’ll slide easily into any backpack or even a large purse to be deployed at your leisure.

Always at the ready, you won’t have the burden of hauling a separate carrying system or a little red wagon to carry your drone.

Its portability also helps its battery life because larger drones kill batteries far faster than smaller ones; if you’re looking for something that can stay in the air for longer periods of time, you’ll need to hunt down the Drone X Pro for its sleekness alone.

  • Travel Range and Flight Time

The range your drone can travel as well as the time it can remain in the air are going to be two of the prime factors that will influence your purchase.

Flight time is the straightforward length at which the drone can maintain continuous flight time on a full charge before needing to be charged up again, while the rage is how far a drone can travel before losing signal with your controller.

Before you make your purchase, carefully consider the utility of your perfect drone and what it will be used for.

What kind of “missions” will you send it on?

Will it be used for filming throughout the day?

Are you just purchasing it to skirt around your home’s “airspace” or will you be sending it off out of sight and into the relative unknown?

Jot down your must-haves as well as the features you’d like your drone to have in order to help you make the decision.

The Drone X Pro has a flight time of 7-9 minutes.

While this might not seem very noteworthy to a first-time drone buyer, most drones in the price range of the Drone X Pro are lucky to be in the air for 5-7 minutes, and any drone around the $100 mark will struggle to be airborne for even 4 minutes.

Drones that stay in the air for hours on end will cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

The beauty of the Drone X Pro is that it provides a great entry point and accomplishes most tasks with ease within this time limit.

After all, you could always recharge it again with a portable battery thanks to the small size of the drone in the first place!

The range of the Drone X Pro is roughly between 80 to 100 meters.

The variance is taken into account when considering foliage and other physical barriers that could interfere with the length of the signal while not cutting it off entirely.

Examples of this would be different types of trees or tall shrubs.

Imagine a healthy tree with several leaves compared to a dead one with a few errant branches; both have the capacity to reduce your maximum signal range but the denser one will do a far better job at it.

Regardless, an 100 meter maximum range is far wider than what most drones in its price range would be able to boast; the Drone X Pro is therefore more than suitable for a beginner’s aircraft.

  • Connectivity

The connectivity features of the Drone X Pro are standard. They include the following:

The Drone X Pro has a remote control that is not attached to the Drone or any other device.

It is wireless and has connectivity of 2.4GHz.

It has wifi that makes connecting to radio mode much more straightforward.

Many drones use Camera Gimbal to enhance better functionality.

Drone X Pro does not need any extra gimbal.

It has a control distance of 80M and FPV distance of 50m.

  • Battery

The battery that the Drone X Pro uses is 3 x 1.5 AA battery which makes your flight time roughly 7-9 minutes.

Charging time is roughly around 60-70 minutes.

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Video Demonstration of the Drone X Pro

Here is a YouTube video that will show you all of the amazing features that you will get with the Drone X Pro.

The video will also teach you how to prepare the drone for the first flight time and how to prepare your smart phone app; the educator walks you through every step so that the first flight time experience is one to remember.

Enjoy 🙂!


What Comes In The Box

Inside the case is a 3.7 volt battery, which rests near the bottom, a USB cable, and four spare propeller blades.

A screwdriver is also included for fixing the propellers with the spares; generally, this should only need to be done in the event your drone’s blades are damaged in the event of a rough crash back to earth.

Propeller guards are available for the Drone X Pro, however it is a separate purchase and cost.

There’s also a user manual (in English only) so that you can get started with your asset right away.

  • Protective Travel Bag

The carrying case is a deluxe means to store and transport your Drone X Pro, even if it could fit in any backpack compartment.

The top features an easy-carry handle alongside an adjustable shoulder strap providing the versatility required for any torso length.

The padded case provides a plush means of protection for your investment, and its black color allows for minimal dust and debris from the outdoors.

The bag can be bought as an accessory for $29.

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Technical Specifications of the Drone X Pro

The package weighs 360 grams total on arrival, at a size of 5x16x7 centimeters.

When the props are folded in, the size of this quadcopter is 12.5×7.5×5 centimeters, and 27×19.5×5 centimeters when unfolded.

You’re able to control the Drone X Pro with your mobile phone with the help of the JY UFO app; it’s compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems.

Two LED lights rest at the edges of the front arms to provide easy visibility in darkness, very handy as the drone itself is a very dark gray.

The 1200 wide-angle shot allows for a 0.3 megapixel quality shot, while the full resolution possible is a 2 megapixel shot at 720p.

It’s range has been bumped up to 100 meters in ideal conditions, but 80 meters is the suggested max range with a 50 meter FPV.

A 7-9 minute flight time is augmented depending on the aggressiveness of use, and it only takes around 1 hour to charge.

The drone comes with a single SD card slot to record footage or take photos.

The built-in Wifi FPV allows for a worry-free first use so you can get to using the Drone X Pro’s gyroscopic 6-axis quickly.

The radio frequency it uses is 2.4 GHz.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Drone X Pro?

As always, this comes down to a matter of opinion and also of finances.

Obviously, not every drone is able to meet the needs of everyone, and the Drone X Pro is no exception.

This drone is really best used by someone who’s interested in dabbling in drones as a hobby, not as someone who needs one for professional use.

A high-end event photographer or videographer wouldn’t be able to use this drone at all, as its range and flight time are simply far too limiting.

So, if you are someone who absolutely must have a drone that can operate with several miles of radius before losing contact with the controller, then the Drone X Pro is not for you.

However, you’ll need to shell out the money you’d expect for a drone capable of performing borderline military-style missions with a range like that.

Naturally, this applies to the battery life as well; if you require a battery time of hours, say to film an event lasting for an extended period of time, then the Drone X Pro won’t cut it due to a maximum airtime of 7-9 minutes.

That’s why this drone is best at testing the waters as the initial cost is just so much lower than the competition for what’s being provided.

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Who Is the Drone X Pro Best Suited For?

The Drone X Pro is ideal for anyone (or any parent) who’s interested in (or who has a child interested in) drones and videography, but don’t want to sink thousands of dollars for a stellar piece of kit that’ll never be utilized for even 50% of its maximum capacity.

It also makes a great gift for the geek or techie in your life for any special life event or occasion.

It is a widely accessible drone, so it isn’t going to be very challenging to acquire one even within a short period of time rather that wait for sometimes months in a digital que while professionals and those “in the know” take all of the high-end, high-priced models.

Think of the Drone X Pro as a “proof of concept” drone.

If it works for you and your needs (or the needs of whoever you’re purchasing it for), then you can take the next steps into looking for something more professional and expensive.

Drone X Pro Reviews Online

The reviews for Drone X Pro are overwhelmingly positive which is a pretty good sign of a good product. It has a rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars.

You can read some of examples down below if you’d like. This is only 1 out of 4500+ reviews. That is insane.

Where to Buy Drone X Pro?

You can order this amazing Drone X Pro today through the manufacturer’s website.

They are giving a 50% discount on every order so you might want to rush and take advantage of the limited offer.

Click Here To Buy From Official Site


At the end of the day, only you can decide what drone will be best for you.

If you’ve read all of this and have fallen in love with the Drone X Pro, then you’ve only yourself to thank.

By performing the required due-diligence of any informed consumer, you have discovered your perfect entryway in the wide world of drones in the Drone X Pro.

The company has an outstanding record for customer satisfaction with a return policy to match; all you need to do is take the plunge and order your Drone X Pro today.

But that all depends on you if you want to buy it or not.

If you’re here for my recommendation, then yes, I recommend the Drone X Pro for what it is, a tiny drone for having silly fun with it.

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